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Growing up in Cameroon, I had been exposed to the value of colors and shapes at a very young age. I started drawing and painting for my grandmother.

Later my parents sent me to the French cultural center every weekend for reading time, but apart from reading I spent a lot of time around artists work exhibition. That was the beginning of my great love for museums. I have never stopped painting or drawing during  all these years.

I was making some representations of friends and family members but I never wanted it to be seen by a large public until few years ago. Since 2009, i have sold and donated many paintings.

I believe that painting is amazing; It gives me peace and sends me to another world. I love that.

I have many other passions and interests including design and philanthropy. Helping others is an humble act!


My work is a mixture of several influences that are visible or not, of artists such as Jackson Pollock and many others.


I always begin with a representational image of a particular topic. It helps me to start a relationship with my nude canvas. It is my way of starting a graceful dance of color composition that tells a story.


Most of the time, the beginning and the end are totally different, but that what makes my work. However, close to it, you can find it, feel it and may even see it. Many representational painters are influencing my work especially at the beginning of every painting but Jackson Pollock's touch at the end  makes all the difference. All well wrap in my style.


African influence is very present in my work particularly in terms of what to start with during the phase of representation but also during the dance of colors. A proper dosage of colors and how to mix them makes the dance much better.


African colorful images also help capture the “me” that I would like to express.

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